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Katrina in Arkansas

If you're looking for a perfect yorkie look no further!!! My family and I are so grateful that we found Tinseltown Yorkies, Laken is by far the most amazing person we've met. She is so helpful with everything, no question is too big or small. She's beyond helpful with everything. You won't be disappointed when you get a puppy from Laken, the quality of her puppies is impeccable. My family couldn't believe how adorable and perfect our puppy was. We'll be back for sure when we want to add a addition to our family, and she is the only breeder we will ever purchase from, so glad that we're apart of the Yorkie Tinseltown family

Tinseltown Yorkies has awesome dogs. I have wanted one for a long time, and hopefully will get the one I want next year. Laken takes excellent care of her babies, and fully backs the health of her babies.

-Tammi B. 

Tammi in Oklahoma

Jenny in Oklahoma

I got my Penelope from here, and I absolutely adore her! She is a beautiful dog, and Laken is a wonderful person!

-Jenny B. 

I have 2 babies from Tinseltown Yorkies. Laken is incredibly honest, kind and very helpful. I not only found a great breeder but a lifelong friend. I loved that she sent weekly photos of my babies and I got to watch them grow and honestly, that meant the world to me. She was so willing to answer any/all questions I had and is still a support system that I can't imagine doing without. My Yorkies from Laken are healthy, happy babies and I would recommend her to anyone.

-Julie M. 

Julie in North Carolina

Sandra in Missouri

Seen a lot of Tinseltown Yorkies.They are quality bred.Beautiful & good conformation.


Purchased my little girl Bella from Laken. Most precious yorkie ever! Could not ask for a better breeder. Her puppies are outstanding! Loved Bella so much that when her brother became available we messaged Laken immediately about purchasing him also. They are now part of our family and we wouldn't trade them for the world. Defiantly recommend purchasing from Tinseltown Yorkies. I live in Mississippi and would drive to Arkansas again just to purchase from Laken!

Brandy in Mississippi

Danielle in Michigan

I would and have recommended Laken with TinselTown Yorkies to get your Yorkie puppy. I got my Tinsley from her. Laken went above and beyond having my puppy fully vetted with all my concerns and issues I have had in a prior puppy from different breeder. She made sure Tinsley was completely healthy and warranty my baby. She posted pictures and videos each week for me to see my Tinsley growing until she was able to come to me in NC. Laken was so nice to work with and you can tel...l when you receive your puppy, all the time and love that she put in to that baby for you. She help make travel arrangements go so smooth for us to pickup Tinsley at the airport. Laken sent Tinsley in a new travel carrier, puppy kit, blanket, toys, food and goodies. We didn't have to bring anything with us flying in to get her. I will be getting another puppy from Laken-TinselTown Yorkies in the future. Laken is the best!! - Lisa S.

Tinseltown Yorkies has some of most beautiful Yorkies! Laken is super easy to do business with and is just a sweet easy going breeder. I can't wait to see her up and coming blonde yorkies she'll have and I better be on your waiting list haha! Seriously! I want one! Thanks for being a friend!

We have one of the retired breeding pups! She is awesome! Sweet, smart, beautiful, and plays with my young fur baby and is the perfect companion for my 82 year old mom! They love each other!!!!! And she'll fit great with my group when the time arrives.

-Susan C.

Susan in Tennessee

Misty in California

Laken is super friendly & easy to talk to! 
She's a very sweet person



I am so proud of my wife. She works 24/7 to ensure that her babies receive the absolute best care. She is very dedicated to her Dogs. She also is there 24/7 for her breeder friends and her puppy family. She is always on the phone helping others and sharing her knowledge. She truly has a passion for her yorkies and yorkie family. Love you baby! So proud of you.

Wesley in Arkansas 
(My sweet Husband)

Debi in Noth Carolina

Laken, I can't say it enough...we are so pleased with sweet little Willow!! She is a smart little girl that is packed with attitude. Being that I have 3 other Yorkies, I was afraid she would have a hard time adjusting to my pack, all whopping 1.8 lbs of her. I must admit, I was a little intimidated myself of such a little thing. Well let me tell you, that little girl fit right in and never missed a beat. She is perfect!! This comes from you Laken...the love and dedication to your babies shine through. Willow is well socialized, the most lovable, sweetest lil girl... Pee pad trained too!! She rarely misses!! Thank you for the late night questions, that sweet, true down to earth "anytime" attitude. People always say, " call anytime" but they rarely mean it, but you my dear, stand behind what you say!! Thank you for being a great FIRST Human Mommy to Willow...she wouldn't be the way she is without your loving hands along the way. I can't wait to get my hands on puppy #2 in a few weeks!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for healing a broken hearted 5 year old...your level of kindness and compassion is sometimes lost in your business. But you, you went above and beyond to ensure happiness was restored to my little girl... For that I will be forever grateful! You started out as "a breeder" but have become a true friend! ❤​

Laken is a awesome breeder, she has bent over backwards helping me in my decision of Yorkie babies. If your looking for that Star Baby then Tinseltown Yorkies is it. It has some of the prettiest babies out there !!!

Carline in Tennessee

Christina in Texas

I cannot express how proud I am of you! The love, caring, and compassion you demonstrate on a daily basis is reflected in who you are as a breeder. You have a true love for our yorkie babies and it shows in everything you do. I love to watch your excitement over the babies and the pride in your program. Anyone, in my opinion, would be blessed to get a little one from Tinseltown Yorkies and I would not hesitate for one second to buy a baby from you! Your a rock star! Keep showing those beautiful babies that bring a smile to everyone's faces.

I am getting a puppy from Laken in a few weeks and very excited about it. Laken is a responsible breeder has quality beautiful dogs. I get updates and pictures every week from her on my baby girl and get to see her as she grows. I would buy from her again and highly recommend her.

Gail in Arkansas

Lisa in New Jersey

I don't know where to begin. Laken, thank you for blessing me with your friendship, your integrity, your expertise, your ethics, your high standards, and most of all your beautiful loving soul. Your work ethic is second to none! Thank you for all that you have done to produce, nurture, raise and love my precious SAGE STAR. You have worked countless hours, had sleepless nights and went on numerous trips to the vet to make sure my beautiful baby girl, Sage, was healthy and strong. While I waited almost three months to have SAGE in my arms, you kept in touch with me on a regular basis sharing her progress as she grew, and sent me photographs and videos of her. You answered all of my questions and concerns along the way. I highly recommend you and your quality Yorkie babies! If I could give you a 1000 star rating, I would. Thank you so much for blessing me with the most precious gift, my SAGE STAR.❤️

Laken Anderson-Isham brought our little spit-fire Yorkie, Sophie Grace, into our family about a year ago. She was exceptionally understanding of our need to be hand-held through the waiting process, providing pictures, videos, and updates as she gaveexceptional care to our girl while she grew. Sophie had a little health hiccup right after we got her home (nothing serious or avoidable, just a minuscule issue), and Laken rushed in like super woman, nursed her like a pro for us, and brought her back to us as the perfect, feisty little girl that we love so much!! There is no doubt that she loves and knows this breed, and her dedication to maintaining the integrity and health of each puppy is unmatched. We are forever grateful to Tinseltown Yorkies for adding this "pawfect", four-legged bundle of (rotten!) joy to our family!!

Nicki in Arkansas

Becky in Tennesse

Laken answers any & ALL questions before & AFTER your puppy comes home. You don't just get a quality bred, beautiful Yorkie who meets the highest standard of the breed, you bring home an extremely well socialized & happy pet!! I will never use another breeder!

I picked up my baby Cerberus from the puppy nanny at the airport and fell in love! He is the sweetest most sociable healthy baby! Every part of the process from my initial questions until we picked him us was so easy. Laken thank you for our beautiful addition to our family

Natalie in Colorado

Gina in Arkansas

I would absolutely recommend Tinseltown Yorkies! Laken is an awesome breeder who is very loving and caring to each of her babies. Laken is very knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions you may have. She's the best and we love our little fur baby Cadence!!!

Laken is an amazing breeder! I have recently had the privilege of working with her when bringing my little boy home and she was absolutely wonderful to work with. Received weekly updates and was always there to answer any and all questions I had. And she truly knows her babies and their personalities. Everything she said about my little man’s personality is spot on. He came home extremely well socialized and prespoiled. He is absolutely gorgeous and well worth the drive! As a breeder myself, I am sure this won’t be the last time I get another baby from Laken and would recommend her to anyone who wants a well socialized, true to the breed, gorgeous baby!

Nikki in Pennsylvania 

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